Sunday, 27 January 2013

Leaving You With A Party

Hey Chobots,
I'm posting for one of the last times on Chobots Evolution, as some of you know, I will be leaving Chobots. For those who would like to know why, school is coming up, and I will be too busy to come on regularly. I'm sorry if some of you guys are sad by me leaving, but very soon on the 10th February, I will be visiting Chobots for Funnyguy2's 2,000 views party!
Chobots Forum Thread - Funnyguy2

Be there Chobots, it will be very fun :) There will be contests, and Spencer will be giving out Anime Masks apparently. :O Also, I have a surprise for you all. As one final goodbye, very soon I will be asking Minymo123 & Nathan if they will be able to make it for a Chobots Farewell Party! Details I will announce soon, hopefully they will be able to make it.

Goodbye Chobots, a good two years it's been.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Adster015 Interview

Hello Chobots!
Today, I got to catch up with Adster015, who has been on the Agent Poll, and has won a few contests! I asked him for an interview, and he kindly agreed for one.

Me: So Adster, how did you find out about Chobots?
Adster015: A friend told me about Chobots and recommended me to the game.

Me: What do like most about Chobots?
Adster015: Probably the staff and people and how friendly they are!

Me: If you could pick any item from the game, what would it be?
Adster015: There are so many good clothes I can't choose, also great gratitude to all those deisgners out there who create those masterpieces for us all to wear!

Me: What's your favorite location on Chobots?
Adster015: Cafe Street is my favorite place on Chobots, because that's how I meet the very kind environment of Chobots there and where all the inspiration is.

Me: On a scale of 1-10, how much would you rate Chobots out of?
Adster015: 10/10! I think it's one of the best games around!

Me: Thank you for the interview Adster!
Adster015: No problem Struty!


Sunday, 30 December 2012

Evolution News #10

Hey Chobots!
Coins Rain was tremendously good, 3 winners made it!  
They did well! Don't you think? As you can see, the prizes are as stands.
  1. Ladybug0 scored 20008. 1st Place won a Bugs item, 7 days citizenship and 3000 bugs!
  2. Little98miss scored 19438. 2nd Place won a Bugs item, 5 days citizenship and 2000 bugs!
  3. Flybyorange scored 13068. 3rd Place won a Bugs item, 3 days citizenship and 1000 bugs!
Congratulations guys!
Chobots have announced a scrapbooking contest! Yes, it's time scrapbooking your favourite moments of 2012! It can either be in a video, if you want a camera and bugs, or something like this:

if you want a paintbrush, and new playercard colour! Awesome right? Do creativity!
Speaking about creativity, the Journalist program has received an upgrade! More creativity is in the posts, so expect a lot from my blog. Here is the new Journalist badge!

It looks completely awesome! AND NOW THE NEW PERKS FOR JOURNALIST!
  • Moderators will bookmark your blog!
  • The Chobots Staff will give you a chance to post on the Main Blog!
  • A free week of citizenship from the start of the month.
  • Receive the feather item!
  • Private chat moderators, even if their playercard is blocked!
  • Purple nametag!
Also, look out for the new documentary of Chobots by myself! It will feature interviews of moderators and agents!

Look out for new features on the blog, such as feature interviews, previews of the documentary, and a new look of the blog!


Thursday, 27 December 2012

Evolution News #9

Hey Chobots!
Sorry I haven't been posting in a while but I've been playing my Christmas present, a collection of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. But anyways with Chobots, the Christmas party is at 9-PM Cho-Time at the Snowland Park in Gingerbread!  
With the comic contest in other news, Blik has 4 winners!
  • Comebackiid
  • Silvermoon
  • Vasa12345
  • Sushmita
They have all won: 7 days of Citizenship, 4,000 bugs, and a comic hand item! Congratulations guys! Their comics are below in that exact order!

Personally, I liked Vasa's comic because it was not only humorous, but it makes fun of Rebecca Black! What do you guys think? Comment below!



Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Evolution News #8

Hey Chobots! are new moderators! Evlio and Blik, very deserving! Blik has posted a new contest! A new comic contest is back in town! Use the template provided on the, or just have this one! It must be based on Christmas!
Also in other news, you know how the Mayan's calender ended on 2012 on the 21st? Might as well live while we're young if we're going to die! Yes, Chobots is going to be off with a big bang for the 'Boys/Girls Ending the World Party'! It's on the 21st December at the Chill Zone for Boys, and the Girl's Hangout for Girls at 9PM Cho-Time!
Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Blog Contest Winners!

Hey Chobots!
The blog contest winners have been announced! Click on the pictures to go to the blogs!

Billybubble's Blog!

Isabelle's Blog!

Peace's Blog!

Minymo123's Blog!

Theufo's Blog!

Struty's Blog! (That's right, Chobots Evolution won!)

Eathan's Blog!

Congratulations to all those winners! They've won:
  • A feather item
  • 5000 bugs
  • 14 days citizenship!
The drawing contest results will be announced very soon!

Evolution News #7

Hey Chobots!
Nathan was on the lookout of some stylish Chobots today, and he just found the awesome ones! I quote from the Chobots Main Blog. Disclaimer: I do not take claim from this. This is a quote from Nathan at


 I really liked how Mactercheif combined his giariffe hat with his beanie. It looks like the reindeer he is dressing up as has some ears! I also like the great red and green Christmas colors he is wearing! Great job.

Program is definitely getting ready for the winter season. I love the colors she chose. They represent winter quite nicely. The teddy bear also looks very cute with her outfit. Good work.

I love how Fwuffy is dressed up as one of  Santa's helpers. I love the use of the color  red and her outfit looks very neat. The
paintbrush also reminds me of how Santa's helpers like to create stuff. Great job!

Supportful's outfit looks very cool. I love how he made his jacket stand out from the rest of his outfit. The color blue matches his outfit quite nicely and I love how every part of his chobot is covered. Well done.

Spencer20 looks like he will be warm this winter. His jacket goes along well with his ice magic and ice shard wings from the $hop. I also like how he used the color blue. It's very effective. Good job.

Sharpiemadness' outfit looks simple, but effective. It really shows the fashion of winter with just a few different items. Her jacket matches her skirt very nicely. I also love how she separated the red between the blue. Nice work!


Congratulations guys! They have been awarded 2,000 bugs for some stylish clothing shopping spree! I wish I was like that! Nathan is now on the look out for some Christmas clothing next week, so keep a look out!

Also, you will soon see the staff page has updated on Chobots Evolution and the main blog!